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Custom synthesized compounds

Simson delivers high quality and cost effective custom synthesized complex organic molecules in the mg to Kg scale. Simson has a team of experience Ph.D. scientists who are specializes in designing synthetic routes for both new and known compounds. Our scientists are having a wealth of experience in synthetic organic chemistry and in the synthesis of a diverse range of high purity organic compounds.

Research Chemicals

Research chemicals are chemical substances used by scientists for scientific research and development purposes. Research Chemicals are produced by Custom Synthesis Methods.One characteristic of a research chemical is that it is for laboratory research use only; a research chemical is not intended for human or veterinary use.


A metabolite is the intermediate end product of metabolism. The term metabolite is usually restricted to small molecules. A drug metabolite is a byproduct of break down, or “metabolizing,” a drug into a different substance.

Isotope Labelled Compounds

Isotope Labelled Compound is a chemical substance in which part of the molecules are labeled with an isotope so that observations the isotopic composition make it possible to follow the compound or its fragments through physical, chemical, or biological processes.

Impurity Standards

Impurity Standards Suppliers And Manufacturers in India: Ensuring Drug Quality and Safety

Reference Standards

Pharmaceutical Reference Standards Suppliers in India

Working Standards

A Drug Substance or chemical material of established quality and purity as shown by comparison to the reference standard material and used as Reference Working Substance for routine quality control analysis. The substance can be any manufacturing batch.

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