Blog Date 15 March, 2023

Remdesivir: What Makes It Work Against Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus has affected the entire world for almost a year now; there has not been a cure found for the fast-spreading virus, although researchers across the world have been forming vaccines and conducting trials to come up with a perfect solution to help the people that are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, the vaccine formulation has been going on; the FDA has approved the Gilead's Remdesivir drug, which is being used for emergency treatments for the acute cases of Coronavirus. People have been wondering what makes it work against Coronavirus, what is the role of impurity synthesis companies in India in the whole process, and we are here to tell you all about it.

Genetically Fake Building Blocks

Remdesivir is probably one of the oldest found and the most important class of drugs. It belongs to the class known as nucleoside analogue. There are 30 or more discovered drugs in this category which have been approved to be used in the treatment of cancer, viruses, parasites and also a number of bacterial and fungal infections. These drugs are also being used in a number of clinical trials and medical studies to determine whether they can be put to use for other treatments. It was first discovered at Gilead during a drug discovery program. The discovery search was being carried out for the treatment of the virus known as Hepatitis C, and this is when the miraculous Remdesivir drug was discovered which was later on uses in the treatment of Ebola virus.

As per leading impurity standards suppliers, the nucleoside analogues, as well as the nucleotide analogues, have a similarity with a group of natural molecules which are known as nucleosides. These are essential in the process of building the blocks in our body which makes up our DNA and also carries the genetic information in our body. There is a little difference in the chemical structure of these analogues, which makes them effective to be used as drugs. These small structural changes make the standard chemistry in the body to cease and prevents the virus from replicating and doubling inside the body.

How Does Remdesivir Help in the Treatment of Covid-19?

When the drug is introduced in the body, the fake nucleotide analogue and nucleoside analogues copy the chemical structure of the body of the naturally occurring nucleotides so that the virus in the body recognizes it. The changes in the structure of the nucleotides and nucleosides prevent the virus from spreading further into the body by the form of replication. This is how the drug Remdesivir works. It stops the Coronavirus's RNA, which is known as the polymerase. This enzyme is what is required for the virus to replicate and keep on spreading inside the body.

Remdesivir takes action when the enzyme which replicates the genetic structure for a new set of viruses, randomly takes hold of this nucleoside analogue instead of the natural molecule and forces it to grow back the RNA strand. Remdesivir drug will essentially stop the rest of the RNA in the body from being replicated; this, in turn, stops the virus from spreading.

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