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Importance of Vitamin B12 in Human Body

Importance of Vitamin B12 in Human Body

As estimated 10-30% of adults over the age of 50 have difficulty-absorbing vitamin B12 from food and suffer the consequence. Vitamin 12 deficiency has become endemic in India and many other developing countries across the globe.

Why Vitamin 12 is Necessary?

Vitamin B12 is a Micronutrient, also known as Cobalamin and is a water-soluble vitamin. It helps in the production of hemoglobin, optimal functioning of brain, nerve cells and maintenance of a healthy immune system.

Why the human body gets deficient of Vitamin 12?

People who take a lot of non-vegetarian food in their diet get ample supply of Vitamin 12, whereas, vegans and vegetarians suffer from a deficiency. In India, people are mostly vegetarian and so larger populations are deficient and suffer the consequences.

What happens when you do not take an adequate amount of vitamin B12?

This leads to various deficiencies such as:

  1. Anemia

In this condition, the size of the red blood cells increases. As a result of this, the red blood cells are unable to move from bone marrow to the bloodstream. Consequently, you might face fatigue, weakness, pale skin, and shortness of breath.

  1. Tingling sensation in hands and legs

Vitamin B12 plays a vital role in maintaining the covering of nerve cells, called the myelin sheath. It is the fatty material that surrounds and protects your nerves. When you are vitamin B12 deficient, your nerve cells cannot function properly. This eventually might alter the way you move

  1. Brain fog

Your memory can become hazy. You can find it difficult to concentrate.

  1. Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a bone disease in which the bones become weak and may break from a fall. Vitamin B12 plays an important role in maintaining good bone health. Low levels might lead to low bone mineral density. This makes the bones delicate and fragile over time, leading to osteoporosis.

How to Overcome the Problem?

There are two types of vitamin B12 available in the market

  1. Hydroxocobalamin

Hydroxocobalamin is usually the recommended option as it stays in the body for longer.

  1. Cyanocobalamin

A cheaper, most popular and easily available option, which is synthesized in the laboratory, which when introduced in the body, is converted into Methyl cobalamin.


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