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FAQs related to understanding isotope labels compounds for bio analytical studies

Bio-analysis is a vast field that deals with the quantitative analysis of tiny molecules required for the pharma industry. Matrix-matching captures the developmental methods with the help of samples, apparatus, separation and detection in a controlled environment. This forms the basis of isotope labelled compounds which has an analytical interest. USA’s FDA has its own bio analytical methods for validation providing the necessary guidelines and set calibrated standards. 

SimSon Pharma Limited follows all rules and guidelines related to compound specific stable isotope analysis: the basis of which helps its clients belonging to the pharma industry. There are several questions related to stable carbon isotope analysis, costing and bulk testing. The following FAQs help in understanding the same for bio analytical studies.

What is isotope labeling?

When one has to understand fluxes and downstream metabolic pathways, the process of isotope labelling is done. New technologies are being used to identify their fate and also discover new biochemical pathways. Labelled metabolites help in understanding the function of altered biological conditions (disease). The technique involves is the tracking of the isotope passage. It is done via cell, reaction or a pathway.

 What is the role of mass spectrometry?

Stable isotope dilution mass spectrometry is important to detect presence of the isotopes. It is done by observing the radioactive decay, mass, vibrational mode. The mass spectrometry is able to identify mass of the isotope. Vibrational mode requires infrared spectroscopy method.

 Example to understand internal bio-analysis BA/BE studies

 In the case of non-radioactive isotope called Deuterium, the atom is different. Isotope labelled compounds and well defined deuterated compounds form the internal bio-analysis studies.

 Which methods are used for isotope labelling?

 There are 3 methods namely:

  • Chemical analysis
  • Enzyme-mediated exchange
  • Recombinant protein expression in isotope labelled media

 What is stable carbon isotope analysis?

 Researchers have to deal with many other aspects of labelling. A stable carbon isotope analysis enables them to identify isotopic markers. The application is widely used in certain foods. Archeologists use the same to reconstruct the diet of ancient people. Different ratios of carbon isotopes are used by scientists to make relative estimates. The rate at which light or heavy stable isotopes react differently during physical or chemical reactions.

 Stable isotope analysis cost, related to forensics

This is an extremely crucial factor for law and enforcement sector. Stable isotope analysis helps in tracking drug routes and of course comes at a cost. In the pharma industry it is used to detect adulteration in food or counterfeit pharma products. For forensics hair strand samples are put for testing. A combination of stable isotope ratio analysis gives answers to researchers involving human bone and teeth.

 Role of isotopes in water analysis: What are the applications?

 For any smooth functionality of water, we need reliable information on its flow, source of origin and quantity. Isotope techniques have been extremely helpful for assessments. They measure runoff water of snow and rain. The flow rates of streams and rivers can be detected with the techniques. Other applications include leakage from canals, lakes, reservoirs or any other water body. Studies for ground water resources also require bio-analysis for its velocity, flow, age and total yield.


 SimSon Pharma Limited is a reputed for doing accurate bio-analysis for its customers. In case you require any more information on bulk stable isotope analysis do let us know. We have a full-fledged facility with technicians for testing.

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