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Application of Chromatography in various aspects:


Chromatography is a process for separating components of a mixture. The chromatography process was developed by the Environmental Protection Agency can be used to analyze drinking water and to monitor air quality. This approach is used by several pharmaceutical manufacturers in order to prepare large amounts of products having very high purity and also to test the extracted compounds for traces of contaminants


Applications of Chromatography in the Pharmaceutical Industry

v  To analyze and identify the presence of any trace amounts of chemicals and elements in a given sample.

v  To separate certain chemical compounds based on their molecular masses. (and sometimes on the basis of the elements that constitute them).

v  Development of new drugs.

     For example, the presence of impurities and other unknown compounds can be detected in the drug sample with the help of chromatography. Furthermore, the purity of the drug sample can also be analyzed with the help of this technique.


Applications of Chromatography in the Food Industry

v  To determine the shelf life of food substance.

v  The presence of chemical additives in food can also be determined with the help of this technique.

v  The nutritional value of the food sample can also be determined by employing chromatographic techniques.

v  Alcohol and beverage industries uses chromatography method to monitor the level of sugar that go into the final product.


Applications of Chromatography in the Chemical Industry

v  Chromatography plays a vital role in the chemical industry for the testing of water samples for purity.

v  The presence of toxic contaminants in oils and pesticides (the most notable of which being polychlorinated biphenyls, often abbreviated to PCBs) can be determined with the help of specialized chromatographic techniques such as GC and HPLC. 


Applications of Chromatography in the Field of Molecular Biology

v  Nucleic acid research is also known to make extensive use of such chromatographic techniques.

v  A specific type of chromatography known as HPLC is widely used in protein separation applications. This type of chromatography is also useful in enzyme purification, plasma fractionation, and insulin purification.


Forensics Application

v  Chromatography is used to investigate criminal cases like crime scene testing (the analysis of blood or cloth samples), arson verification (identifying the chemicals responsible for a fire to see whether there was foul play) or blood testing after death to determine levels of alcohol, drugs or poisonous substances in the body.

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